Heritage Medical Staffing LLC

206 W Allen St
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

Phone: 717-370-7090
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For Jobseekers
Welcome to Heritage Medical Staffing LLC!

Heritage Medical Staffing LLC brings you an opportunity to showcase your expertise in providing healthcare staffing services.

If you are considering a challenging but rewarding job Heritage Medical Staffing LLC is the place to go.

We believe that the success of a health care service lies on you- the employees. We conduct free trainings and seminars for you to be guided before we deploy you to your respective jobs.

We offer competitive salary packages and benefits to deserving applicants. You will be tested and evaluated to determine your qualification for the job.

Yes! You don't have to look for employers; we simply do that for you!


Please fill in the information below. Qualified applicants will be reached through the contact information they have provided.